2017 Le Cren Medal goes to FishBase!

On July 6th of 2017, the Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI), officially awarded the Le Cren Medal to the FishBase Consortium and the entire FishBase Team, in honor of their valuable and lifelong contribution to fisheries science: “the world’s largest information portal of marine organisms”. The FSBI is an international learned society that promotes the interests of fish biology and fisheries management.

The Le Cren Medal is awarded annually by FSBI to “one or more individuals who have made a lifelong contribution to all aspects of the study of fish biology and/or fisheries science, with a focus on conservation, training or public understanding of the discipline”. This award was named after the British fish biologist E. David Le Cren who published fundamental studies on the development of fish. His 1951 paper entitled  “The length-weight relationship and seasonal cycle in gonad weight and condition in the perch (Perca fluviatilis)” is one of the first well-understood publications on the simple length-weight relationship and condition of fish and has over 3,000 citations in Google Scholar.

In behalf of the FishBase team and consortium, Dr. Rainer Froese accepted the medal at the evening banquet of FSBI’s 50th Anniversary celebration held at The University of Exeter, UK. Dr. Froese is the long-term coordinator and principal architect of FishBase upon its conception in 1987 together with Dr. Daniel Pauly, world-renowned and multi-awarded fisheries scientist, while serving at the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM). Originally created from handwritten data stored in a handful of index cards, FishBase has evolved into the largest and most widely used biological information system that it is at present, made possible by the joint efforts of all team members, scientific advisers and collaborators.


During the awarding ceremony, FSBI president Dr. Iain Barber emphasized the importance of having an open access online database of fishes worldwide with key information on over 33,000 species and maintained by an international team of experts. Read full “Laudatio” for FishBase here.

FSBI president Dr. Iain Barber congratulates Dr. Rainer Froese. (Photo: Dr Sulayman Mourabit)

Deeply honored and grateful for this recognition, the entire FishBase Team and Consortium wish to share this award with their partners, collaborators, and supporters.

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“Congratulations for this well-deserved recognition that testifies to your leadership in tandem with Daniel, the dedication and hard work of the team and the countless contributions of the consortium and the many collaborators who came together to make FishBase into what it is today.”
– Cornelia Nauen, President of Mundus Maris (Q-quatics Board Member)

“Congrats to you Rainer, for all the leadership, and to you all, my friends, for the collaboration. It is our second award – the first was from IGFA!”
– Daniel Pauly, Principal Investigator of Sea Around Us (one of the founding fathers of FishBase)

 “Nice recognition of FishBase and nice to get an award named after another practitioner.”
–Rainer Froese, Senior Scientist at GEOMAR (one of the founding fathers of FishBase)

Congratulations to the @FishBaseProject Consortium. LeCren Medal a worthy accolade for creating such an amazing resource. See you @FSBI17
– Steve Simpson, University of Exeter (via Twitter)

Congratulations to the @FishBaseProject – an essential community resource – on the award of @theFSBI Le Cren medal!
– Iain Barber‏, President of the FSBI (via Twitter)

“The very deserved and overdue LeCren medal award to the precious @FishBaseProject #FSBI17 @TheFSBI.”
– Stefano Mariani, Salford University, (via Twitter)

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