Ocean-inspired poetry by Rubyann Polido (SeaLifeBase) bags Turtle Prize

Pristine our oceans might never be
But huge promise our actions speak
If there’s courage to conserve them all
Neither selfish agendas nor pointing brawls
What if we listen, act on one call?


Profound changes there are
Pollution, acidification, extinction
Bleaching, spillage, suffocation
But future ain’t black and white
If we understand, we shift, we fight on.

This is just a taste of the much inspiring ocean “infopoetry” composed by the multi-talented staff of SeaLifeBase, Ms. Rubyann Polido. Her official entry to the 2017 Mundus maris Awards contest. Where Else But Here captured the hearts of the jury and won a Turtle Prize, one of the three major categories of the said contest.

Mundus maris Awards is a modern day “story-telling” contest for the youth held annually to honor World Oceans Day (June 8). This year, Ruby was among the 100+ individuals and groups of young people who participated by sending original and creative written and audiovisual artistic pieces conforming to this year’s WOD theme: “Our Ocean, Our Future”. Her ode to the ocean is such an amazing piece of work, a must read! View the entire poem from here.

Congratulations, Ruby and all the other winners! Kudos to Mundus Maris for a successful event which helped raise awareness on the protection of our oceans and the urgency in safeguarding its ecosystems.

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