Ocean Song Contest: Vote for open ocean science information

August marks the official kick off of the “Ocean Song Contest“, OSC for short, an amusing online game about songs of and for the oceans, originally conceptualized and designed by Dr. Rainer Froese (Senior Scientist at GEOMAR and long-term FishBase Coordinator) earlier this year to make ocean conservation campaigns and donating more fun and rewarding.

OSC is open to ocean supporters of all ages, from anywhere across the globe. It’s so easy to join, just pick a song from the top list or nominate a new song! Songs will be ranked depending on votes garnered through donations. Ranking will be updated weekly. (Note: Only songs from YouTube are accepted.)

For all announcements related to the contest, see:

We are inviting each and every one to please check out the contest (www.oceansongcontest.org), come and join in the fun and ocean inspiration, and help us promote ocean conservation through one of the kickstarter projects of Q-quatics, the OSC. Funds generated from this contest will contribute to the maintenance of the biggest ocean information systems in the world: FishBaseSeaLifeBase and Aquamaps.

Let the games begin!

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