Deep linking between Reef Life Survey (RLS) and FishBase

Reef Life Survey becomes one of the external sources of species information in FishBase through deep linking. RLS can be found under “Internet Sources” of each species summary page in FishBase, e.g. Labroides dimidiatus  (Valenciennes, 1839). 

Deep link to Reel Life Survey from the FishBase species summary page

Meanwhile, links to FishBase are now up on the Reef Life Survey species pages too, e.g. see bottom left, under “Further Information” of Labroides dimidiatus.

Deep link to FishBase from the RLS species page

“Reef Life Survey is a marine life monitoring programme based in Hobart, Tasmania. It is international in scope, but predominantly Australian, as a large proportion of the volunteers are Australian. Most of the surveys are done by volunteer recreational divers, collecting biodiversity data for marine conservation. The database is available to marine ecology researchers, and is used by several marine protected area managements in Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa and the eastern Pacific.” [Source: Wikipedia]

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