15th International FishBase Symposium in Tervuren BE

Since 2001, FishBase has been supported by an international consortium that includes the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren as a founding member. After two (2) successful meetings in 2007 and 2012, the Museum again hosted the 2017 steering committee meeting from 4 to 8 September, and organized an open symposium focused on “fish diversity, bringing together various approaches used to study this fascinating vertebrate group”. 

Scientists from within and outside the consortium presented results on a range of studies on fishes, from the local to the global scale, from morphology to genetics, from fundamental to applied, from communication in fishes to communication about fishes, from data poor to data rich areas, and from databases to models.

The symposium was held at the Auditorium on the third floor of the CAPA Building (CODA/CERVA part), Leuvensesteenweg 17, 3080 Tervuren. Directions on how to reach the museum are found on the RMCA website. The CAPA building is building E on this map. Please find below the programme.


15th International FishBase Symposium
RMCA Auditorium, Tervuren, Belgium
5 September 2017
Chair: Jos Snoeks (RMCA)

Time Facilitator Activity
09:00 Registration
09:30 Guido Gryseels, Director of the RMCA Opening of the FishBase symposium
09:45 Introduction to the symposium and practical arrangements by the chair
Time Speaker/Facilitator Topic
09:55 – 10:15 Jos Snoeks (RMCA) African fish diversity: something old, many things new.
10:15 – 10:35 Rainer Froese (GEOMAR) Changes in species compositions in the oceans.
10:35 – 11:20 Coffee break
11:20 – 11:40 Nicolas Bailly Data archaeology and rescue with FishBase: The example of the BC Institute of Fisheries Field Records and UBC Fish Collection datasets
11:40 – 12:00 Leen Vandepitte (VLIZ) The World Register of Marine Species & its sub-registers: how do they relate and interact.
12:00 – 12:20 Daniel Pauly (UBC) Letter in a book vs. gill lamellae: insights from reviews of a paper reiterating the gill-oxygen limitation theory
12:20 – 13:45 Lunch
13:45 – 14:05 Erik Verheyen (KBIN) What is the genetic basis of the speciation in (cichlid) fishes?
14:05 – 14:25 Hugo Verreycken (INBO) Rapid colonization of Flemish rivers and canals by invasive Ponto-Caspian gobies
14:25 – 14:45 Filip Volckaert (KU Leuven) Evolutionary processes in marine fish stocks
14:45 – 15:30 Coffee break
15:30 – 15:50 Donna Dimarchopoulou, Kostas Stergiou & Athanassios Tsikliras (AUTh) Gap analysis on the biology of Mediterranean marine fishes: comparing the literature with FishBase.
15:50 – 16:10 Eva Decru (RMCA) Fish diversity in Africa: about deception, barcoding and complex evolutionary history
16:10 – 16:30 Closure of the FishBase symposium by the chair

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