Qq Species ID Team Workshop 1: Consolidation of observations and generalization for species groups

To better internalize their observations on fish swimming behavior, and with the end goal of developing a “pictoguide” of depth ranges for families and species groups in BRUVS videos, the Species Identification Team of Q-quatics, led by Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Reyes Jr., (Q-quatics Research Associate) held a 2-hour workshop on 22 March 2019 at the IRRI Khush Hall Conference Room, College-Los Baños, Laguna.

The workshop aimed to consolidate individual observations on species swimming behavior in the benthic videos that the team (Rodolfo Reyes Jr.Luisa AbucayJeremy JansalinRachel Atanacio and Michael Yap) has processed to date under the collaborative project with the University of Western Australia (UWA), into a coherent generalization for species groups and families. Kathleen Reyes (Research Associate at Q-quatics) was invited to join because of her expertise in underwater visual census.

The first part of the workshop was Rudy’s presentation on:

  1. The background on the BRUVS videos
  2. Comparison of species identification in general (for museum/quarantine, fisheries and/ecological research and for recreational activities, e.g., angling and diving) versus species ID for BRUVS videos in terms of 1) skill needed, 2) the importance of accuracy and, 3) consequence(s) of error in identification.
  3. Workshop objectives:
    • Consolidate individual observations on swimming behavior, and
    • Come up with a generalization for families or species groups.
  4. Workshop mechanics:
    • Place on reef backdrop pictures of species observed in the videos;
    • Lively discussion and working in twos or as a group is encouraged.
    • Discuss and identify the ranges (in the water column) of species groups or families.

The second part started with team members identifying areas on the coral reef backdrop where species were observed in the BRUVS videos. This was followed by consolidation of ranges for species groups and families where it was possible.

Before After

Discussions on how to improve the exercise and the workshop itself for future conduct with new members, as well as topics for the future workshops (i.e., body shapes, sharks) followed. Rudy’s announcement on the next steps of their work on image analysis (benthic videos) concluded the event.

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