Presentation on the overview of the CMSY work (Oceana and Minderoo projects) by Jessika Woroniak

On 30 May 2019, Ms. Jessika Woroniak, Research Assistant at Sea Around Us, gave a short presentation on the Catch Maximum Sustainable Yield (CMSY) collaborative work of Q-quatics and Sea Around Us  (Oceana and Minderoo projects) for the Q-quatics in-house CMSY Team. Dr. Ma. Lourdes ‘Deng’ Palomares,  Project Manager of Sea Around Us and Science Director of Q-quatics, provided additional insights. 

Jessika’s presentation on the general overview of the said CMSY work is outlined below:

  1. Brief description of the CMSY method
  2. CMSY project – what has been done
  3. CMSY project – what we are doing now
  4. Improving the analyses
  5. Building a database for Relative Biomass
  6. CMSY on the web
  7. Global Fishing Index
View her presentation here

Jessika arrived in the Philippines on the 26th of May and will be working with the CMSY Team in Los Baños until the 14th of June. During her 3-week stay, she aims to finalize CMSY analyses for 1,320 stocks globally with the Qq CMSY Team as a final deliverable to the Oceana project. The CMSY tool has proven quite robust for identifying key fisheries management information by analyzing the catches for a certain stock along with some biological features of the species. The team will also be working on making all of the results freely available on the Sea Around Us website for scientists, resource managers and all to use. These results include the estimated biomass of the stock over time, the maximum sustainable yield, the exploitation rate, and much more.

Moving forward, the Sea Around Us in collaboration with Qq is developing a database of external stock assessments that will enable users to populate the CMSY, LBB and AMSY tools with external information when available. All analyses will be extended to 2016 for the Minderoo project when the latest catch data becomes available in the Sea Around Us database in the near future.


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