Species ID Team Workshop No. 2: “Fish Body Shapes”

The objectives of this activity are for the members of the Qq Species ID Team (Lead: Rudy Reyes, Members: Isay Abucay, Jeremy Jansalin, Aque Atanacio, Mike Yap, Fayte Sicnawa and Selina de Leon) and other members of the FishBase Team, (Armi Torres, Emily Capuli and Joann Glorioso) to:

– take notice of [see] difference and similarities in body shapes within families and across families
– consolidate all individual perceptions of fish body shapes (to be transformed into a pictogram)
– smart sort species by body shape

The workshop was led and facilitated by Rudy Reyes, following the outline below:

1. What people see in fishes
2. Classifying fish by body shape
3. Biological bases for fish body shapes
4. Mechanics and expected output

The mechanics implemented is similar to the previous workshop wherein cutouts of different fish species had to be categorized by the participants on a blank tarpaulin posted on the wall based on body shapes (i.e., short/deep, fusiform/normal, elongated, eel-like and other shapes). The cutouts were distributed one family at a time, Carangids first (Selina, Emily, and Isay) then Scombrids second (Fayte Armi and Jeremy), and so on. A lively discussion and/or working in twos or as a group was encouraged.

Click here to view Rudy’s presentation.



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