New Qq positions filled: Thematic Group Leaders (IT and Taxonomy)

Ma. Josephine France ‘Skit’ R. Barile has been selected as the new Thematic Group Leader for IT effective April 4th, 2019, designated to manage, organize and coordinate IT tasks of Q-quatics. Skit is also expected to assure the progress and completeness of deliverables for projects and Q-quatics activities where IT-related tasks are required, in coordination with the Science Director and project coordinators (and/or their Principal Investigators).

For Taxonomy, Estelita ‘Emily’ D.C. Capuli took on Thematic Group Leadership starting 01 June 2019. With her new position, Emily is now responsible for managing, organizing and coordinating data encoding tasks for taxonomy-related tables in FishBase and SeaLifeBase, as well as developing project proposals fitting the theme for funding in coordination with the Science Director, Technical Coordinator and Executive Director. She will also be documenting and/or developing the theme’s research protocol, milestones, deliverables for all projects where the theme is involved.

Congratulations on your new posts, Emily and Skit!

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