R-training workshop for Q-quatics staff

An ad hoc group composed of Skit Barile, Kathy Reyes, Jenks Espedido, Gelli Parducho and Tuttay Luna together with Deng Palomares (Qq Science Director) and Mary Ann Bimbao (Qq Executive Director), met with the Institute of Statistics of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), led by its Director Dr. Liza Comia, to develop an ‘R’ training program for Qq. The program would include a series of trainings for the following purposes:

  1. Review of basic statistics and some statistical tools
  2. Introduction to R programming
  3. Discussion on R programming applications for Qq project research analyses

The first training session “Training-Workshop on Statistics in R Programming” was held on 15-17 July 2019 at the IRRI Khush Hall conference room (Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines). The 3-day training course was designed to provide the participants with basic knowledge in statistics and programming skills in ‘R’, especially in the areas of data manipulation and function construction.  A total of 16 staff members completed the course: Armi Torres, Emily Capuli, Isay Abucay, Jeremy Jansalin, Gelli Parducho, Pat Yap, Jenks Espedido, Beth David, Ruby Polido, Selina De Leon, Fayte Sicnawa, Tuttay Luna, Martin Nevado, Jimboy Bactong, Skit Barile, and Maan Bimbao.

Course Outline:

With the training, it will now take us less time to understand things that can be learned on our own through practice.
For non-IT participants like me, we would now be able to better convey requests to programmers.”
– Jeniffer Espedido (Participant), Research Analyst at Qq

“The R training conducted was really helpful to the staff. It allowed the staff to learn at their own pace and
it gave alternative options on how current work can be done. It was also a good introduction to
R for application to future work that may need this program.”
-Patricia Yap (Participant), Research Analyst at Qq

Participants, resource p[ersons and organizers of the “Training-Workshop on Statistics in R Programming”, 15-17 July 2019 at IRRI Khush Hall, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

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