Q-quatics Corporate Identity Workshop

Branding expert Ms. Giulia Bottoni led the Q-quatics staff in the development of the Qq corporate identity through graphics design in a 3-day training-workshop held last August 2019 at the Qq office in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines. It was participated in by Maan Bimbao (Executive Director), Tuttay Luna (Executive Assistant), Miel Ortiz (Software Engineer), Aque Atanacio (Senior Graphic Artist), Joann Glorioso (Communications Officer), Mike Yap (Graphic Artist) and Gee Painaga (Administrative Assistant).

Activities in Day 1 (August 5) included 1) an introduction to corporate identity (CI)/branding –what is its purpose and use or importance; 2) discussion of the 3 components of CI – Corporate Behaviour, Corporate Communication, and Corporate Design; and lastly, 3) analysis of the current corporate branding of Qq. The group brainstormed through design thinking techniques on what needs to be improved on existing branding and what is missing for the long term

On Day 2 (August 6), the group discussed the findings of Day 1 and made provision for prioritization and implementation. Ms. Bottoni closely monitored and guided the implementation of the corporate branding on the website (Miel), newsletter (Joann), and office templates (Gee).

Technical roll-out and template finalization spilled over to the next day (Day 3, August 7). The revised Q-quatics website, newsletter, and standard office templates were presented to the Qq staff by Miel, Joann, and Gee, respectively. This signaled the conclusion of the branding training-workshop.

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