Qq in-house seminar on “RMS Encoding Conventions for FishBase and SeaLifeBase References”

Due to the growing number of inquiries on citations received by Q-quatics Librarian, Lyra Joyce Banasihan, a seminar on the conventions of encoding in the Reference Management System (RMS) for FishBase and SeaLifeBase references was deemed necessary thus organized and conducted on 14 November 2019 (Thursday, 2:00-300PM) at the Q-quatics office in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines.

At the beginning of her seminar, Lyra reminded the staff to find time to ask her any information they need and/or to please warn her if they are going to enter a reference in RMS with some uncertainties or in a hurry. She went on with her presentation by defining and describing RMS and narrated its historical background followed by the basic principles, examples and special cases for the author, year, title (with and without translation) and source (journals, book, book chapter, or published conference proceedings, magazines/periodicals, and theses/dissertations) entries, respectively. For author entries, Lyra discussed each part: person (initials, last name, generation), function (editor, compiler, photographer, etc.), institutions,  use of et al., spaces, etc.

Some concerns were raised and compiled for discussion with Dr. Nicolas Bailly, Qq Taxonomy Coordinator, who led the development and leads the management of RMS.

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