William Cheung wins a 2019 UBC Killam Research Fellowship

Big congratulations to Qq Board of Trustees’ Vice Chair Dr. William Cheung, awardee of a 2019 UBC Killam Research Fellowship which enables him to pursue full-time research during study leave.

Dr. Cheung is a Professor with UBC’s Changing Ocean Research Unit and Director (Science) of the Nippon Foundation’s Nereus Program at UBC. His main research areas include understanding the responses and vulnerabilities of marine ecosystems and fisheries to global change, and examining trade-offs in managing and conserving living marine resources. His works cut across multiple disciplines, from oceanography to ecology, economics and social sciences, and range from local to global scales.

Dr. Cheung and all the other recipients of the UBC faculty research awards will be honored at an awards reception originally/tentatively scheduled on the 15th of April 2020* to be held at the Jack Poole Hall of the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

Here he is in this video by Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies discussing the impact of climate change on marine fisheries and ecosystems how we can mitigate this growing problem.


*Please wait for further announcement.

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