Qq seminar on ‘Wildlife utilization of indigenous people of Kalinga, Philippines’

On 20 February 2020, Ms. Fayte Sicnawa wholeheartedly shared her MSc special problem with her colleagues a day before her last day as Research Assistant of Q-quatics. Fayte’s SP entitled “Wildlife Utilization of Indigenous People of Kalinga Province, Philippines” was aimed at:

  • Accounting how wildlife are used in culture and traditions of the Indigenous People of Kalinga
  • Identifying the status and threats on wildlife in the province
  • Identifying some practices by IPs to conserve or protect their wildlife

Through key informant interviews and library/electronic research, she was able to gather enough data to conclude that:

  1. Identifying what wildlife are utilized in culture and tradition can be a means to account what wildlife species are present in the area.
  2. Practices of Indigenous people on conservation are more effective in the certain place.

Fayte’s ‘swansong’ lasted for about 20 minutes including a short emotional goodbye speech as she was not just leaving Qq, but leaving the country four days after to be with her family and broaden her horizons in Canada.

This seminar is the debut project of  the new team of organizers of which Fayte is also a member, together with Fred Lagasca (Computer Maintenance Technologist), Geezle Painaga (Administrative Assistant), and under the leadership of Patricia Sorongon-Yap (Research Analyst).


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