Daniel Pauly inducted into UBC’s Quarter Century Club

This year, Dr Daniel Pauly is one of the faculty members of the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at the University of British Columbia who join UBC’s Quarter Century Club. Congratulations, Dr Pauly! 🎉

The Quarter Century Club/25 Year Club was established in 1996 to honor faculty and staff of UBC who have spent 25 years at UBC. Dr Pauly and  two other newly inducted members, Andrew Trite (Quarter Century Club) and Eden Fellner (25 Year Club), are supposed to be celebrating this milestone at a dinner where they will be awarded with pin and a card that provides them free access to the Botanical Gardens, discounted admission to the UBC Aquatic Centre and free parking at UBC campus upon retirement. However, the physical awarding night for 2020 is postponed indefinitely.

Pauly is highly regarded for the groundbreaking research methods, concepts and software he pioneered which continuously creates innovations in the fields of fisheries science, marine biology and marine conservation as younger generations cite and adopt them in their research.

“UBC has been good to me, and I feel I have been good for UBC as well,” said UBC Killam Professor Daniel Pauly. He fondly recalls memories of working in the huts of IOF when it was still the Fisheries Centre.

“There was a magical period from 1995 to 2005 where the Fisheries Centre was working together on ecosystem modelling and the professors had each taken a different chunk of the work, which is very rare. We had a period of close collaboration between different laboratories. This grew apart, because such things cannot continue forever. But this was an extraordinary time that I recall with lots of joy,” he said.

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