Video tutorials of CMSY assessment method now freely available

Q-quatics’ partner, the Sea Around Us, has released a suite of free video tutorials for data users interested in learning how to perform stock assessments using the CMSY methodology. CMSY or the estimation of maximum sustainable yield from catch and resilience, is one of the novel stock assessment methods for data-poor fisheries developed by a team of scientists led by Dr. Rainer Froese (FishBase pioneer and senior scientist at GEOMAR).

Our stock assessment methods apply powerful statistics and heavy number crunching to find the combination of stock size and exploitation that is best compatible with the available information. There is no excuse anymore for not managing fisheries such that healthy stocks produce healthy catches.


The step-by-step guide, presented in an easy-to-grasp animated video format led by a researcher named Ola, is comprised of four videos which covers the basics of applying the CMSY methodology for the assessment of exploited fish populations. The tutorial is available in two language versions, English and French, with subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese –Italian, Greek, Japanese and Chinese captions coming soon.  [CMSY tutorial trailer

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