The future is bright for FishBase and SeaLifeBase

.. this unassuming website is the gateway to one of the most-cited resources in the last two centuries of modern science – a database on fish.

‘Breathing new life into FishBase and SeaLifeBase’, blog by Neil Palmer (WorldFish), gives an overview of the FishBase Project as a powerful and widely-used resource. It also presents some strategies for innovation and new areas of collaboration between WorldFish and Quantitative Aquatics, Inc. –entity that manages FishBase and SeaLifeBase (and AquaMaps), mainly focused on sustainably financing these globally important biodiversity species information systems. WorldFish is part of the FishBase Consortium created in the year 2000 to support the growth, sustainability and public accessibility of FishBase. Since 2005, the FBC also oversees SeaLifeBase.

The FishBase Consortium Members

“FishBase is the web’s largest and most widely used online database of adult finfish. Thanks to the WorldFish Center’s support, FishBase and sister site SeaLifeBase are now getting much needed modernization.” –CGIAR via Twitter

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