21st International FishBase and SeaLifeBase Symposium: Second Announcement

FishBase (www.fishbase.org) is the largest global information system on fishes. It provides encyclopedic information on all described fishes and includes many tools for scientists in a large array of ichthyological disciplines. With about 700,000 visits per month, it is the most successful database on any group of living organisms. 

SeaLifeBase (www.sealifebase.org) complements the success of FishBase and has become an important platform for information on non-fish marine organisms. 

Since 2001, FishBase has been supported by an international consortium that includes the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren as a founding member. After successful meetings in 2007, 2012 and 2017, the Museum will again host the steering committee meeting (4 to 8 September 2023), and will organize on 4 September, an open Symposium in hybrid format focusing on fish diversity and aquatic databases, bringing together various approaches used to study this fascinating vertebrate group and the marine environment. 

Scientists from within and outside the consortium will present results on a wide range of studies on fishes, from the local to the global scale, from morphology to genetics, from fundamental to applied, from data poor to data rich areas, from databases to models. The symposium program can be found below. 

Practical information 

Venue: Royal Museum for Central Africa, Leuvensesteenweg 13, B-3080 Tervuren, Belgium. The symposium takes place in Meeting Room 1 (entrance through the museum’s main entrance in the Welcome Pavilion). 

Time: registration starts at 8h30. The symposium starts at 9h00 and closes at 17h15.

Lunch will be provided for all those hungry for science and food.


To participate, submit your registration details (see format below) to fishbase[at]africamuseum.be if you want to participate. Online participants will receive the link to the symposium after registration.

First name:
Last name:
Attendance (choose one option):  In person __   Online __




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  1. First Name: Rey
    Last Name: dela Calzada
    Affiliation: Capiz State University-Pontevedra
    Country: Philippines
    Email: rjdelacalzada@capsu.edu.ph

    Will attend the FishBase and SeaLifeBase Symposium: Online

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