AquaX – the next generation AquaMaps – releases official logo

Earlier this year, we announced an exciting development on AquaMaps, unveiling the groundbreaking workflow named AquaX. AquaX stands as a cutting-edge ensemble modeling framework that encompasses the next-generation AquaMaps, along with several other species distribution models and a brand-new website. 

Presenting the official AquaX logo. The representation of ‘Aqua’ in the logo pays homage to the tireless decades of work carried out by AquaMaps, upon which AquaX continues to build. The ‘X’ signifies the unknown in mathematical equations, which reflects AquaX’s core approach of employing mathematical models to answer new and exciting scientific questions. Moreover, ‘X’ means 10, the number of models currently used in this ensemble modeling approach. The logo also includes a wave that flows from left to right, symbolizing both the environment and change. Finally, it features a school of fish representing marine species. The wave and the species combined portray a whole ecosystem, capturing both biotope and biocenosis.

AquaMaps-AquaX is led by Dr. Gabriel Reygondeau of the University of Miami, Florida, and is a program of the FishBase Consortium, in close partnership with FishBase and SeaLifeBase. Dr. Reygondeau officially launches the AquaX Laboratory on November 1, 2023.


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