About Us

Q-quatics was created to support the assembly and dissemination of key data on living aquatic resources for the development of research tools in collaboration with national and international partners. As such, Q-quatics works closely with the global biodiversity information systems FishBase, SeaLifeBase, and the Catalogue of Life and the global aquatic biogeography initiative AquaMaps.


Q-quatics also supports the cutting-edge databases and research developed by the Sea Around Us, which provides policy options for marine fisheries resources, their sustainable use and possible responses to climate change. As such, it partners with the Sea Around Us in identifying projects that would help initiate or maintain research on global fisheries and biodiversity conservation.


Q-quatics develops and maintains mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships with academic, conservation and biodiversity research organizations.


Q-quatics operates under the scientific guidance of the FishBase Consortium and is subject to Philippine national laws. Although its primary mission is not as a grant-making institution, Q-quatics can receive and disburse funds for the exclusive use of its affiliated projects, for which it allows indirect costs or overheads (institutional overheads) to a maximum of 10% of direct costs.



We aim to excel in all our endeavors and be the leading global research organization in our chosen field to earn the trust of our donors, partners, collaborators and users of our research results and services.

Work Ethics

We are dedicated to deliver work diligently and on time in honoring commitments to donors, partners, collaborators and co-workers.​


We act with honesty and integrity, uncompromising in seeking, imparting and defending scientific methods and their results.


We treat people in and outside the organization with respect and sensitivity, appreciating the value of their contributions and recognizing the importance of diversity.

Alignment and Accountability

We conduct our work in line with good practices and accept responsibility for our actions and decisions.


We are supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another, and care about each other in the conduct both of our personal and professional life.


We are committed to provide a working environment that strikes a healthy work and life balance.

Open Communication

We encourage dialogue and open exchange of experience, opinions and views for effective and efficient fulfilment of our mandate.

Community and Environment

We are committed to promote and support living sustainably with the ocean and land ecosystems and endeavor to conduct our own work in the most environmental-friendly way.

Equal opportunities

Quantitative Aquatics is an equal opportunity employer.

Q-quatics is a non-profit organization maintaining and developing a network of information systems that provide biodiversity and fisheries data on all aquatic life on earth and the related analytical tools for their sustainable management and/or conservation. Our vision is to provide the basic knowledge of humanity in this domain free of charge primarily via the World Wide Web.

Q-quatics maintains and develops FishBase, SeaLifeBase, AquaMaps, and the Sea Around Us databases and related products, in order to support global management/conservation options for living aquatic resources, including their sustainable use and possible responses to climate change. It operates under the scientific governance of the FishBase Consortium.

Q-quatics seeks active cooperation in order to continuously improve the service and ensure good user experience. The development of new features and/or components are facilitated through fund-raising activities and collaborations.

Board of Trustees

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