CMSY Workshop – India

Objective: The training workshop is meant to introduce Indian fisheries scientists involved in fish stock assessment to a new method allowing the assessment of fish stocks in a data-poor environment using time series of catch data and estimates of resilience which can be derived from FishBase.

Description: The course is based on the method for estimating MSY from catch and resilience of Martell and Froese (2013), which was elaborated by Froese et al. (2016), and applied to 397 stocks in 14 European ecoregions by Froese et al. (2016; see also The biological data used to estimate resilience will be supplied by FishBase (, created by Rainer Froese and Daniel Pauly in the 1990s, and which is the information system of choice on fish by more than half a million users worldwide. Rainer Froese has established the estimation of priors for this CMSY method, and which is integrated in FishBase for most exploited species.

Resource persons: Dr. Rainer Froese (GEOMAR, Helmholtz-Centre for Ocean Research, Germany), Dr. Maria Lourdes D. Palomares (Sea Around Us, University of British Columbia, Canada), Ms. Crispina Binohlan (FishBase, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines) and Ms. Susan Luna (FishBase, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines).

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Workshop Report
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