Vacancy Announcement – Executive Director

Quantitative Aquatics, Inc. is a Philippine non-profit, non-stock organization, a leader in global aquatic information systems committed to scientific excellence about biological and other key data on all fish species in the world as well as all non-fish organisms in the ocean. Q-quatics’ work supports recovery, protection and sustainable use of marine and freshwater ecosystems by making scientific data freely accessible for education, research and management.

The staff of currently about 25 researchers, IT specialists and administrative support personnel is based in Los Baños, Laguna. The organizational structure is flat, encouraging taking initiatives and responsibilities for the different specialty work lines.

The organization features a large advisory body of leading academic and development organizations in five continents, the FishBase Consortium, and a restricted Board of Trustees for oversight. Strategic management is done collegially among the Executive Director, the Science Director and the Board of Trustees.

Q-quatics is currently searching for a new Executive Director for a preferred start in August 2023.  In line with national legislation incumbents, the candidates must be Philippine passport holders. Applications with two work references are requested by 15 May 2023 to be sent to


Job Summary

The Executive Director implements the organization’s vision and mission, translates these into strategic goals and operational activities, manages the administrative, human resources, and financial affairs of the organization and represents Q-quatics externally.

Organizational Status

The Executive Director reports to the Q-quatics Board of Trustees, works collegially with the Science Director and keeps close contact with the FishBase Consortium, especially through the Consortium Coordinator. S/He works with the HR and Admin Officer, as well as the Finance and Accounting Officer daily.

Key Accountabilities

  • Strategically positions Q-quatics in relation to the thrusts and direction of the FishBase Consortium members and partners.
  • Works closely with the Q-quatics Board, the Science Director and the FishBase Consortium Coordinator and members in upholding the organization’s vision and mission to champion the FishBase, SeaLifeBase, and any other information systems entrusted to Q-quatics.
  • Establishes and maintains an organization of excellence for comprehensive information systems with key data on all aquatic organisms of the world which is easily accessible and free-of-charge to the public. In doing so, the Executive Director relies particularly on the Taxonomic Coordinator for technical coherence between information systems.
  • Creates an environment that maximizes talents of staff and collaborators and ensures excellent resource allocation/utilization.
  • Inspires the workforce to support and achieve Q-quatics goals and objectives.
  • Manages the human, physical and financial resources of the organization ensuring fair work practices, timely delivery of outputs, efficient financial administration, and effective operation of the entire organization.
  • Together with the Science Director, translates the strategic framework into operational programs and activities by leading and engaging staff effectively in annual work plan preparation and budget process for Board approval.
  • Proposes to the Board of Trustees, the Science Director and the FishBase Consortium to undertake innovative resource generation and mobilization measures in pursuit of impact activities that will enhance the sustainability of the organization.
  • Develops program/project proposals for funding, facilitates or directs preparation of project proposals in line with the organization’s vision.
  • Establishes and maintains broader relations with partners and donors to ensure traditional and non-traditional sources of funding in pursuit of the organization’s mission.

Consequence of Error

High level of trust and confidentiality is required in sensitive administrative matters. Failure to ensure confidentiality, high level of integrity, and reliability will lead to loss of scientific and community support, and loss of trust in the organization and its scientific outputs.

Supervision Received

No supervision is required for this position. However, the Executive Director will work closely with the Science Director, the Q-quatics Board and the Coordinator of the FishBase Consortium in tune with the generally adopted consultative and engaged management style of the organization. 

Supervision Provided

Supervises the HR and Admin Officer, Finance and Accounting Officer, and Theme Leaders. On scientific orientation and assurance of excellence, supervision is primarily provided by the Science Director.

Education/Work Experience

With a PhD and at least 7 years work experience after a PhD degree is desirable. Without a PhD degree, 10 years work experience after an MSc/MBA/MA degree. If without PhD or MA, 15 years of work experience, preferably involving research or other knowledge management processes.


Capacity for effective and efficient resource mobilization, compensation and benefits administration, office procedures and administration with emphasis on goal orientation. Demonstrated ability for people management commensurate with a flat organizational structure relying heavily on staff competence and engagement for performance towards team achievements. Excellent organizational and interpersonal relations skills.

Salary and benefits

The salary will depend on the qualifications and credentials. Q-quatics offers an international health package to its staff.


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