Jeremiah Glenn Jansalin (BSc), Research Assistant

Jeremy has a bachelor’s degree in Biology with a major in Marine Biology. His fascination with ocean life began at a tender age, sparked by delving into the pages of one of Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s books. During his college years, he already used FishBase as a tool in identifying fishes. At present, Jeremy provides assistance in gathering and processing research data from technical reports, paper and electronically published sources and on all matters pertaining to research tools development and research project execution. He is responsible for managing the common names of species in both FishBase and SeaLifeBase. Jeremy also worked on different projects such as Catalogue of Life, EcoScope, SMARTSeas Project, BRUVs in FishBase, DigIn, and marine catch reconstructions.

Outside work, Jeremy finds joy on mountain biking, hiking, and various outdoor activities immersed in nature. Additionally, he harbors a passion for nature photography and videography.

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