Maria Carmen A. Lagman (PhD), Member

Dr. Lagman has over 25 years of research and academic experience with multi-disciplinary, multi-site, and multi-institution research-for-development projects, providing expertise in population genetics and molecular ecology of cultured and captured marine species, and, more recently, coffee research and senior high school teaching. She established the Practical Genomics Laboratory (PGL) at De La Salle University in the Philippines in 2012 and has raised over PhP 54 million in funds which have supported the research of her students and institution partners. Menchie was a Research Scientist from 1995 at the ICLARM and the WorldFish Center. Among her various accomplishments, Menchie was a St. John Baptist de La Salle Pillar of Excellence Awardee in 2022, for outstanding contributions to all three university functions – teaching, research, and community engagement and more recently, a 2023 Distinguished Humphrey Fellow at the Harvard University and the North Carolina University.

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