21st International FishBase and SeaLifeBase Symposium: Second Announcement

FishBase (www.fishbase.org) is the largest global information system on fishes. It provides encyclopedic information on all described fishes and includes many tools for scientists in a large array of ichthyological disciplines. With about 700,000 visits per month, it is the most successful database on any group of living organisms.  SeaLifeBase…

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FishBase: A citation powerhouse and essential resource in dealing with global issues

FishBase Citation Analysis

In over 30 years of continuous operation and development, FishBase is now the largest, most extensively accessed and one of the most highly cited public resources in the history of scientific research, a new study reveals. In a paper published in the special edition of Cybium exclusive for FishBase, a…

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2023 FishBase and SeaLifeBase Symposium: Call for Abstracts

Thirty years and numerous upgrades since inception, FishBase is now the largest and most widely accessed global online information system on fish, providing unrestricted and quick access to key information –morphology and physiology, names, genetics and aquaculture, trophic ecology, reproduction and life-history traits, population dynamics, fish as food, fish pictures,…

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