AI-powered data-limited stock assessment method more accurate than ‘gold standard’ in predicting sustainable fisheries catches

Maps showing the locations of the centroids of the over 2000 stock assessments performed with CMSY (~20%) and CMSY ++ (~80%) in all parts of the world. Image Credit: Froese et al.

A recent update introduced to the CMSY methodology used for assessing the status of fish stocks has proven to be more accurate in predicting the catch that a population can support than highly-valued data-intensive models. In a paper published in the journal Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria, the international team of researchers that shaped the…

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Video tutorials of CMSY assessment method now freely available

Q-quatics’ partner, the Sea Around Us, has released a suite of free video tutorials for data users interested in learning how to perform stock assessments using the CMSY methodology. CMSY or the estimation of maximum sustainable yield from catch and resilience, is one of the novel stock assessment methods for…

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Application of CMSY to reanalyze longest time series of catches and largest fishery collapse in history

Results of using CMSY, advanced yet easy to use fish stock assessment model developed at GEOMAR by Froese et al., to reanalyze more than five centuries of cod fishing in Eastern Canada suggests that annual yields could have been sustained at high levels if authorities had allowed the stock of…

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