Vanessa Camille Agbay (BSc), Software Engineer

Camille is the newest member of the Information Technology Group of Q-quatics. She started her job as Software Engineer at Q-quatics on the 17th of August 2020, and has been involved since then in the development of the web interface for the BRUVS (baited remote underwater video systems) data in FishBase, including the creation of related web pages and functionalities, and maintenance. Additionally, she works for the PROXIMS Project, responsible for integrating the model for predicting nutrient values of finfish species into FishBase, based on the existing Python program, and implementing the web interface for the new design of the proximate analysis table in FishBase. She also assists in the preparation and deployment of regular mirror updates for FishBase websites.

Camille is into arts and enjoys drawing, painting, doing crafts when time permits. She loves to travel given a long free time.

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