FishBase’s 30th and SeaLifeBase’s 15th Anniversary Campaign

The year 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of FishBase and 15th anniversary of SeaLifeBase, two online global biodiversity information systems that, together, provide biological and ecological information for more than 110,000 aquatic species of the world. As part of a year-long digital campaign aimed at celebrating the anniversaries of FishBase and SeaLifeBase in times of physical distancing, Q-quatics in collaboration with Sea Around Us, produced a wide range of multimedia publications highlighting the contributions and value of the celebrated global species databases to the scientific community and the public at large. From videos to podcasts, to written articles and infographics, users were able to learn more about the origins of FishBase and SeaLifeBase, their evolution, the people in front and behind the scenes that brought these projects to life and kept them up-to-date, and how these resources were utilized and found valuable by students, researchers, fisheries managers, NGOs and more.



PODCASTS: FishBase and SeaLifeBase Pioneers

INTERVIEWS: Stories of People Behind FishBase and SeaLifeBase


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