Meet the members of the FishBase Consortium

Created in the year 2000, the FishBase Consortium’s mandate is to support the growth, sustainability and public accessibility of FishBase. Since 2005, it also oversees SeaLifeBase.

Its 13 members, hailing from five continents, work tirelessly year-round to identify the research activities the FishBase and SeaLifeBase teams are to carry out to make sure that both databases remain updated and relevant when it comes to evolving issues on climate change, biodiversity, environmental protection, sustainable development, and fisheries management.

Why is it important that FishBase and SeaLifeBase are run by a consortium? In the dispatch below, the members share their views and hopes for the future of these two global biodiversity information systems. (Click on the image to get a larger view or click here to view PDF version.)


Source: Valentina Ruiz-Leotaud, Sea Around Us Communications Officer 


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