New Q-quatics publication supporting the protection of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction

Data-driven approach for highlighting priority areas for protection in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction, a Marine Policy paper Q-quatics collaborated on is now published online.

For this particular work, the AquaMaps Project (Q-quatics) curated modelled data on the contemporary and future distribution under three Representative Concentration Pathway scenarios (RCP 2.6, 4.5 and 8.5 for Year 2100) of some12,000 marine species. These were used for the data layers on species richness and extinction risks in ABNJ-regions, along with several others, in modelling and analyzing a conservation planning solution for identifying priority ABNJ for marine protection now and in the future. This application of AquaMaps data is one of several that have come out since 2016, and Q-quatics remains committed to continue providing better and updated data, as well as partnerships, in support of similar studies focusing on marine biodiversity and its response to climate change.

Marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) cover nearly half of our planet. Now subject to a growing footprint of human activity the risk of unsustainable use and biodiversity loss is high that ecologically and biologically significant ABNJ regions need to be identified for protection.

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