FishBase Guide App now available in Google Play!

 The FishBase Guide, an app which allows users to check what fish species are available in their country of location or country of selection, was officially launched on 3 November 2021 and is now available in Google Play Store for free. The app supplies the user with the common names in whatever language available in the selected country, with minimum length and vulnerability indications for each fish species.
Are you a fish lover? Observing them in the water, having them on your plate or just being curious? Then the FishBase Guide developed by Q-quatics is the App to have. Type in your country and the name of the fish you have in front. The App will show you the minimum size at maturity, the size at which the fish is big enough to reproduce. You’ll also see the optimum size – to produce the maximum eatable catch sustainably. The vulnerability picture with traffic light colors shows you how robust the species is to heavy fishing, climate change and other stressors. Want to know more or share an observation? Click on the link to the full summary of the species. It can work for you whether you are a fisher, trader, buyer or ‘just’ a fish lover. Easy. Enjoy. (Source: Google Play)
The FishBase Guide is a joint effort of the team at Q-quatics (host of the FishBase information system on all fish species in the world), fair-fish international, the Sea Around Us and Mundus maris asbl, with the hope of raising awareness not to catch nor market nor eat juvenile fishes who have not yet had the chance to reproduce and add to the population, and appeal to people of all ages on how they can contribute more to the sustainable use of marine and freshwater resources.

Dr. Cornelia Nauen, President of Mundus maris, points out that “it may be useful for people working in fisheries value chains, but also consumers, and why not, teachers in school, or for that matter, anybody interested in some basics about the fish they happen to have in front of them”. “It will be interesting to learn also about unexpected uses and whether the few English descriptions of information fields in this first version will still allow non-native speakers to navigate through the visuals and get the key information,” she says.
To further improve the guide, any user who wishes to provide feedback may do so directly through a link in the app, and also learn more about the species of their interest through available links to the species’ summary page in FishBase. More information is accessible through a link at the bottom of the screen.

“We hope you will help make the app as widely known and used as possible and also provide feedback in case you find noteworthy weaknesses or ways to further improve it,” says Dr. Nauen. “We also encourage efforts to further enhance the introduction of more common names in different countries and languages into FishBase to make the experience as gratifying as possible,” she added.
Prior to this, FishBase has launched another app on Google Play (2012), the Fish Quiz –an educational game based on the best scientific knowledge for about 300 species of marine and freshwater fishes, designed so that users can learn as they play. Players will have fun choosing the right environment, size, food, sex, and home for the fish in the photo. Those who will get half of the answers correct (50% score) are categorized as ‘Fish enthusiasts’ while those who will score 75% or higher receive a “Fish expert’ title. Those who wish to learn more may explore the underlying information within the scientific database and may also provide comments and corrections. The Fish Quiz is also a part of
Screenshots from the FishBase Guide app:

Source: Cornelia E. Nauen and Google Play.

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  1. I use the Fishbase app for android frequently. But because iḿ searching almost always for fresh water fish and in specific regions it is not always easy. could the app be optimized to make it possible to choose about fresh or saltwater fish, specific regions like District Nickery in Suriname or rivers for example Orinoco or Rio negro or Rio Atabapo. It would make the use of the app much easier

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