The Tactics and Strategy of Growth in Fishes: Previously-hard-to-access reference to revolutionize the study of fish growth

by Daniel Pauly

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“The Tactics and Strategy of Growth in Fishes” is a 1974 paper by Thomas Derrick Iles, a work that Daniel Pauly emphasizes as essential: “People who work on fish growth need to read this paper, which, however, was hard to access.” The foreword Pauly wrote for this paper provides additional valuable insights.


The book chapter authored by Derek Iles and published in 1974 under the title “The Tactics and Strategy of Growth in Fishes” was a major conceptual advancement in understanding the growth of fishes.

Notably, it demonstrated conclusively that the reproduction of fish does not influence their growth, but rather it showed that “far from growth depending on maturity; on the contrary, maturity depends on growth.”

However, Iles’ chapter was part of a book whose 22 contributions, including the ‘Epilog’ by Ray Beverton, assembled in honor of Michael Graham, is hard to access. Moreover, the references to all this book’s chapters are combined in a single alphabetical list, making it difficult to photocopy and share a complete version of Iles’ paper, which may be why it is inaccessible through Google Scholar.

The full reference of this chapter is:
Iles, D. 1974. The Tactics and Strategy of Growth in Fishes, Chapter 16, p. 331-345 In: In: E.R. Harden-Jones (ed.) Sea Fisheries Research. Elek Science, London.

To facilitate the sharing of this chapter, this PDF not only reproduces it, but also includes its 87 references, as extracted from the book’s bibliography on pages 331 to 345.

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