Introducing CMSY/BSM stock assessment in the Philippines

The Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – National Fisheries Development and Research Institute (BFAR-NFRDI), in coordination with FishBase and SeaLifeBase, organized a workshop entitled “Introduction to Data-Limited Stock Assessment Using CMSY/BSM on 13 January 2017 held at IRRI – Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines. The said joint activity was an avenue to introduce the new methodology in estimating Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) in data poor situations, using catch and relative abundance data from NFRDI’s National Stock Assessment Program (NSAP), reconstructed catches and Catch Per Unit Effort (CPUE) from Sea Around Us, and Bayesian priors for biological parameters from FishBase.

Dr. Rainer Froese, Senior Scientist at GEOMAR (Kiel, Germany) and long-term coordinator of FishBase, was the main resource person for the workshop. Dr. Froese is the lead author of the study, Estimating fisheries reference points from catch and resilience” which presents the Monte Carlo method (CMSY) for estimating fisheries reference points from catch, resilience and qualitative stock status information on data-limited stocks, and the Bayesian state-space implementation of the Schaefer production model (BSM), fitted to catch and biomass or catch-per-unit-of-effort (CPUE) data. Other speakers include Dr. Athanassios Tsikliras (FishBase consortium member from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) and Ms. Donna Dimarchopoulou (AUTh). Q-quatics Board Member and Sea Around Us Project Manager, Dr. Ma. Lourdes ‘Deng’ Palomares, chaired the workshop. It was participated in by nine (9) officers from different BFAR Regional offices within the Philippines.



08:00 – Welcome, Introduction of Participants
08:15  – Introduction to CMSY/BSM (Rainer Froese, GEOMAR)
09:00 – Presentation of Available Data (participants)
10:00 – Coffee Break
10:30 – Installing RStudio, R, Libraries, JAGS, CMSY (Athanassios ‘Thanasis’ Tsikliras and Donna Dimarchopoulou, AUTh)
11:00 – Getting Participants Data Into CMSY Format (Rainer, Thanasis & Donna)
11:30 – Getting Priors From FishBase (Rainer)
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Running Analyses
15:00 – Coffee Break
15:30 – Presentation of Results (participants)
16:30 – Discussing Usefulness of CMSY/BSM
17:00 – Closure of Meeting

To download Dr. Froese’s presentation, click here.

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  1. Good day! I came across this article while searching for “Froese method”. In your last sentence, you linked the presentation of Dr. Froese but I can’t access it. I would like to have a copy of that presentation, if it is okay. In addition, I am interested in this CMSY/BSM and how to run it in R since I am an R-user. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jethro, the site has been fixed so the file of the presentation is now available for download. I have sent the PPT file to you via email as well. The PDFs, R-Code, manual and the data are available from Dr. Rainer Froese’s personal page, see: See also: If you have more questions, please send them to

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