FishBase Fishsound Quiz, crowd-puller at boot 2020

The 9-day recreational fair “boot 2020” in Duesseldorf (Germany), a unique joint initiative for ocean and water protection, recently transpired with  huge participation. About 50 conservation-minded organizations on the extended ‘love your ocean’ space joined the fair with an entire “island” about sounds from the sea. More than 250,000 water sports fans from 106 countries found their way to Düsseldorf for boot 2020, a quarter of which were international visitors. There were a total of over 1,900 exhibitors from 71 countries. It is a great initiative with a wide range of players from business, science and society, and a fertile ground for networking with other initiatives at ‘love your ocean’.

Through Dr. Cornelia Nauen (Q-quatics Board Chair) and her colleagues at Mundus maris, FishBase flyers (printrun from BOOT 2019) were distributed to visitors and complete coverage of the newly improved Fishsound quiz was showcased for 10 to 18 hours each day to many students and other visitors. According to Dr. Nauen, they paid special attention to teachers, advising them that the fish quizzes were also available online with more information to tap into and that they could play these in class easier at lower noise levels than at the fair. Dr. Nauen was ecstatic with the positive reception, even divers were surprised by some of the sounds and the difficulties of attributing them to specific species.

The exercise was a big success! FishBase and SeaLifeBase were made known to conservation people on the ‘love your ocean’ space. The mermaid and Neptune/Poseidon costumes highly contributed to help draw attention to Mundus maris and Q-quatics booth.


📷 C. Nauen

Source: Cornelia Nauen, President of Mundus maris (participant) and  Katrin Meyer, Deutsche Meeresstiftung/German Ocean Foundation

Read more from Mundus maris’ blog on their website: love your ocean grows at BOOT 2020 – 18-26.01.2020


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