Mundus maris and Q-quatics team up for Boot Fair 2023


The FishBase Guide app and Fish Sound Quiz received lots of attention at the ‘love your ocean’ initiative of the International Boot Fair 2023 (January 21-29) in Düsseldorf, thanks to our long-term partner Mundus Maris for bringing these tools to German fingertips!

Boot Düsseldorf is the world’s largest water sports trade fair and for years, have been campaigning for a green boating industry and protection of the oceans.

Kids flocking around the Fish Sound Quiz demo waiting for their turn to play. Photo courtesy of Cornelia Nauen, President of Mundus maris

The Ocean Quiz with participants and the mermaid gamemaster. Photo courtesy of Cornelia Nauen, President of Mundus maris.

“Big relief and a lot of excitement – those were the predominant sensations for participants heading for the 2023 edition of the ‘love your ocean’ platform coordinated by the German Ocean Foundation at the international Boot fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, Mundus maris was happy to be on board together with Quantitative Aquatics, the scientific non-profit running the global databases FishBase, SeaLifeBase and Aquamaps […].”

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