Introducing a cohesive design for Q-quatics databases’ new logos

In the context of corporate branding and marketing, ‘logo’ pertains to the visual symbol or emblem that represents a company or organization, serving as a unique and easily recognizable embodiment of the brand. They are typically designed to convey the company’s identity, values, and undertakings.

For Q-quatics databases FishBase, SeaLifeBase, and AquaMaps, the original logos for each were independently designed during different periods and created when each database was conceived, lacking a unified visual identity to clearly signify their affiliation. Recognizing this, through the enhanced collaboration and interdependence of the complementary data systems, harmonization to reflect belonging to a ‘family’ of systems and services became a logical step to communicate that message to their millions of users. There was a concerted effort to establish a consistent and cohesive set of new logo designs, initiated by Dr Cornelia E. Nauen, Q-quatics Board Chair and President of Mundus maris.

“As Chair of the Board of Trustees of QQ, the pivotal host and collaborator, I aired the idea first with a few people who had either started one or more systems or were particularly active in securing their continued development,” Conny Nauen narrated. “The graphics designer of the non-profit Mundus maris, a supporter of FishBase, volunteered early drafts to make the proposal concrete. The proposals were then shared with all members of the FishBase Consortium (FBC)”. “That triggered a competing proposal developed by a PR company contracted by Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM) in Stockholm, Sweden. After a series of exchanges the two sets of proposals were put to a vote.”

The set of logos proposed by NRM received the most votes and was officially launched at the September 2023 Consortium meeting held at the Africa Museum in Tervuren, Belgium. These newly selected logos are now set to be implemented. We are happy they will soon be visible on the websites, social media profiles, reports, presentations, and various multimedia platforms associated with Q-quatics and its affiliated projects.

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